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Our ghostwriting services care very much about how we write. Our ghostwriters have no choice but to care because we are writing the stories, characters, and fantasies that you have envisioned sincerely and passionately.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings





Fiction Ghostwriting

Fiction is the most popular genre of creative writing. We are artfully equipped to articulate a variety of forms and genres within the category of fiction, including (but not limited to):


  •  Novels and novellas
  •  Short stories
  •  Poems
  •  Screenplays
  •  Plays


  •  Drama
  •  Historical fiction
  •  Romance
  •  Thriller
  •  Satire
  • Talented Ghostwriters, Industry Experts

    Many of our ghostwriters have earned either an Masters or PhD (and sometimes both) in creative writing, allowing you to rest assured that your ghostwriter is keenly aware of the elements and demands of a successful work of fiction.

    The fiction ghostwriting process is a delicate one. The ghostwriter’s pen must write with the ink of your imagination so that your artistic vision is achieved. We understand this integral relationship between writer and author and will work diligently with you to foster it.

    Personalized Service through Every Step of the Ghostwriting Process

    Our ghostwriters and managing editors will be closely involved in the critical planning stages of your story. They will help you think about the elements critical to any successful fictional work, including:

    • Plot
    • Structure
    • Story arc
    • Character development
    • Tones
    • Style
    • Meter
    • Dialogue
    • Transitions and conclusions


    You will then be the guiding artistic force in the book writing process as our ghostwriters give your ideas and stories literary life. Our work will not be complete until you are satisfied with the product on the page.

    Your Story Deserves to Be Told

    Don’t let that next bestselling book or award-winning screenplay wither in the imaginative wasteland of unfulfilled ideas. The very worst novels, plays, and poems are those that go unwritten. Let us give form and substance to your brilliant idea. Give your story life by letting us transform your idea into paper, binding, and text. If you have the story, we have the technical acumen and desire to write it.


    Non-fiction Ghostwriting

    A cursory glimpse down the aisles of any bookstore attests to the prominence of nonfiction genres in today’s publishing and literary landscapes.Our ghostwriting services are designed to help you find your place in these landscapes and to make your mark upon them. Our talented staff of ghostwriters is experienced in the many dynamic genres of nonfiction, including:

    In nonfiction, you have that limitation, that constraint, of telling the truth.

    Peter Matthiessen





    • Memoir and biography
    • Real life experience
    • Christian and other religious books
    • Motivational books
    • Self-help books
    • Motivational books
    • Topical, research and allied academic books by University lecturers and professors
    • How-to guides
    • Training manuals
    • Historical nonfiction
    • Textbooks
    • Essay collections
    • Speeches and other professional presentations
    • Travel writing and guidebooks
    • Creative/literary nonfiction

    If you have a story you want to share with the world through writing, we are here to help you tell it. Let us give substance and form to your book idea.

    Premium non-fiction

    We Take the Time to Understand Your Book

    Our ghostwriters will work closely and skillfully with you from the very beginning of the book writing process. We want to get to know you and your story so we can be true to your book writing vision and voice. Our ghostwriters will invest themselves in gathering the necessary details from your story before a single word is put to paper. We know that this story is your contribution to the world, and we will work tirelessly to make that contribution significant.

    Trust Industry Experts in Nonfiction Writing

    Our ghostwriting experts will draw your attention to questions of form, organization, genre, style, and most importantly for the publishing world, market and audience. We are well versed in the book writing issues that must be addressed in order for your book to succeed in the vast publishing marketplace.

    Top-Level Ghostwriters on Staff for Research-Intensive Projects

    Does your book require technical writing skills or intensive research? Our staff of ghostwriters includes PhDs, MDs, and highly experienced technical writers from a range of subject areas who excel at both scholarly research and effective writing.

    We Want to Your Book

    •  If you are a business executive with lucrative strategies to share, we want to write your book.
    •  If you are a motivational speaker looking for a larger stage and audience, we want to write your message into a book.
    •  If you are a soldier just returned from active duty and want to share your experiences, we want to write your story.
    •  If you have a story that you go to sleep with at night and wake up with in the morning, we want to write it!

    We Bring Your Story or Concept to Life

    We can develop your imaginative ideas into a compelling book

    → Personalized ghostwriting

    We work with you one-on-one through every step of the process

    → All-Inclusive ghostwriting and publishing package

    Research, planning, ghostwriting, editing, formatting, book cover design, and publishing services





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